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2010 CGCS Graduate Awards - November 2010 - 2011



Project Title 

Olga Bykova
(Prof. R. Sage)

Ecol. &
Evol Biology   

Ecological niche construction of two catastrophic grass invaders and global warming

Phoebe Chan
(Prof. J. Halfar)


Using coralline algae to reconstruct heavy metal contamination associated with mining activities along the Canadian east coast

Marie-Eve Gagne   
(Prof K Strong)


International Workshop on the Mars Atmosphere: Modelling and Observations

Jeffrey Geddes
(Prof. J. Murphy)


Reactive Nitrogen Oxide Measurements 
During BEACHON-MFO 2011

Jeffrey Harsant 
(Prof. T. Sage) 

Ecol. &
Evol. Biology

Using Quantitative Trait Loci Guided Transcriptomics to Identify Genes Involved in High Temperatures Stress

Ida-Maria Jansson
(Prof. J Bollmann) 

Ecol. &
Evol. Biology

DINO9 Conference, Liverpool, UK

Stefan Markovic
(Prof. Wortmann)


Sulfur isotopic composition of the
Quaternary seawater sulfate

Adam Martin
(Prof. S Thomas)


Forests and Global Change Symposium, Cambridge, U.K.

Ali Mashayek
(Prof. R Peltier)


Visit Prof. Raffaele Ferrari, Dept of Earth Atmospheric

Amy Mui

(Prof. Y. He)

Geography (UTM) 

Visit Smithsonian Inst., Front Royal, Virginia

Ilona Naujokatis-Lewis

(Prof. M.-J. Fortin)

Ecol. &

Evol. Biology   

Intl. Congress Society of Conservation Biology, Christchurch, New Zealand

Maara Packalen

(Prof. S. Finkelstein)

Geog. & Program in Planning 

Summer School, University College, London, UK

Roger Phillips

(Prof. J. Desloges)


Lux Luminescence Lab, Univ of Quebec +

Luminescence Dating Res Lab, Chicago

Dorea  Reeser

(Prof. J. Donaldson)


SOLAS, Inst d’Etudes Scient. De Cargese, Corsica France

Keven Roy

(Prof. R. Peltier)


IUGG Conf, Melbourne, Australia

Niall Ryan

(Prof. K. Walker)


Visit Dr. Axel Murk, Univ of Bern, Switzerland

Yajun Sun

(Prof. M. Wells)

Physical & Env. Sciences

Surveying/sampling plankton species, Lake St. Clair

Katherine Wallace

(Prof. N. Eyles)

Physical & Env. Sciences

Dead Sea Rift res, Tel Aviv Univ., Israel

Carolyn Winsborough

(Prof. N. Basiliko)

Geography (UTM)

Visit Dr. J. Lehmann, Cornell Univ., Ithaca, New York

Sumi Wren

(Prof. J. Donaldson)


WSL Inst for Snow and Avalanche Res SLF, Davos, Switzerland

Xianming Zhang

(Prof. F. Wania)

Physical & Env. Sciences

Sampling oil sands, Fort McMurray, Northern Alberta