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2017 CGCS Graduate Awards - July - December 2017




Project Title 

Bognar, Kristof

(Prof. K. Strong)


Investigating the impact of Arctic haze on bromine release

Chandan, Deepak

(Prof. R. Peltier)


The Paleoclimate Modelling Intercomparison Project (PMIP4) Conf. Stockholm, Sweden

Dao, Phuong

(Prof. Y. He)

Geography, UTM

Studying Grassland Drought by the Integration of Airborne Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Ground-based Measurements in South Eastern Ontario

Gute, Ellen

(Prof. J. Abbatt)


Field Research at Cape Grim, Australia

Halim, Md Abdul

(Prof. S. Thomas)


American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA

Palermo, Christine

(Prof. S. Short)

Biology (UTM)

International Viromics Workshop, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

Phillips, Anna

(Prof. S. Cowling)

Earth Sciences

Res. Collab., Prof. Louis Derry, Cornell University

Stata, Matt

(Prof. R. Sage)

Ecol. & Evol. Biology

Transcriptomic Analysis of Blepharis, A New Model System For C4 Research

Stirchak, Laura

(Prof. J. Donaldson)


Res Collab., ETH, Zurich

Vanden Enden, Lori

(Prof. M. Simpson)


Soil sampling at HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, Oregon

Varty, Stephanie

(Prof. I. Lehnherr)

Geography (UTM)

Contaminants in the High Arctic:  Understanding Methylmercury Cycling and Hotspots at the Terrestrial-aquatic Boundary

Wong, Christopher

(Prof. I. Ensminger)

Biology (UTM)

Mechanistic understanding of the relationship between leaf optical properties and photosynthesis in northern forests to improve remotely sensed plant productivity estimates