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2009 CGCS Graduate Awards - February 2009

Project Title 
Cristen Adams
(Prof. K. Strong)
Physics Network for the Detection of Atmospheric
Composition Change Intercomparison Campaign
Carlos Avendano
(Prof. S. Cowling)
Geography Tropical Paleoecology for Fossill Pollen
Taxonomy and Enhanced Core Analysis 
at the Neotropical Res Unit, Leicester Univ. UK
Shannon Carto
(Prof. N. Eyles)
Physical & Env.
Research at Mount Rainier National Park in
Washington, D.C.
Phoebe Chan
(Prof. J. Halfar)
Geology Examining paired Mg/Ca ratios and Δ180 in
coralline red algae 
Rachel Chang
(Prof. J. Abbatt)
Chemistry Visit Prof. Ulrike Lohmann lab, ETH, Zurich
Heather Coiner
(Prof. R. Sage)
Ecology &
Evol. Biology
A database-backed web application to
document the distribution of kudzu, an 
invasive species in North America
Remo Cossu
(Prof. M. Wells)
Physical & Env.
Visit Prof. Jeff Peakall lab, School of Earth
and Env., University of Leeds, UK
 Marie-Eve Gagne
(Prof. K. Strong)
Physics  Visit Dr. Jean-Loup Bertaux lab, Director of
Research at the Service D'Aeronomie du
CNRS, Verrieres-le-Buisson, France 
Anastasia Gousseva
(Prof. S. Cowling)
Geography 10th International Congress of Ecology
in Brisbane, Australia
Colin Lee
(Prof. G. Evans)
Chem Eng. CMOS Congress, Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rodica Lindenmaier
(Prof. K. Strong)
 Physics Attend NDSCC-IRWG Mtg Garmisch-
Partenkirchen, Germany
Adam Martin
(Prof. S. Thomas)  
 Forestry Wood Carbon Content of Tropical Tress
Claire Oswald
(Prof B Branfireun)
 Geography Mercury retention and release in boreal upland
soils - 9th International Conf on Mercury as a Global Pollutant
Brent Pautler
(Prof. M Simpson)
Chemistry Molecular-Level Characterization of Glacial
Organic Matter by Sensitivity Enhanced Cryoprobe
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
Jan Pisek
(Prof. J. Chen)
Geography IGARSS Conference 2009 Cape Town, South
Tiffany Schriever
(Prof. D. Williams)
Ecology & 
Evol Biology
Climate change impacts to temporary pond food
webs and the link between ponds and surrounding
forests via amphibian life cycle events
Anita Simic
(Prof. J. Chen)
Geography IGARSS Conference, Capetown, South Africa

John Westgate
(Prof. F. Wania)
Physical &
Env. Science
Attend the Observing the Arctic:  a Window on
Climate Change
Cynthia Whaley
(Prof. K. Strong)
Physics  NDACC-IRWG Mtg at Garmisch-Partenkirchen,