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2009 CGCS Graduate Awards - November 2009

Project Title 
Heather Andres
(Prof. R. Peltier)
Physics Greenland and Ice Core Field Campaign 
Devin Bloom
(Prof. N. Lovejoy)
Ecol. &
Evol Biology      
Explaining effects of sea-level rise on the 
evolution of anchovies:  a phylogenetic perspec
Olga Bykova
(Prof. R. Sage)
Ecol. &
Evol Biology
The Influence of Climate Change on the
Distribution of Catastrophic Bioinvaders
Charlotte Friel
(Prof Finkelstein)
Geography A comparison of oxygen isotope analysis using diatom
silica and diatom taxonomic assessment as tools for
paleoclimatic reconstruction in the Canadian Subarctic
Jeffrey Harsant
(Prof. T Sage)
Ecol. &
Evol Biology
Using Quantitative Trait Loci Analysis and 
Transcriptomics to Identify Genes Involved in
High Temperature Stress
Peter Hitchcock
(Prof. Shepherd)
Physics Visit Kyoto University, Dr. Yoden and Dr. 
Masakazu Taguchi
Felicia Kolonjari
(Prof. K Walker)
Physics Intl Workshop on Atmospheric Science from
Space using Fourier Transform Spectrometry
Zen Mariani
(Prof. K Strong)
Physics Network for the Detection of Atmospheric 
Composition Change Infrared Working Group Mtg
Milos Markovic
(Prof. J Murphy)
Chemistry Gas - Particle Partitioning Measurements 
during CalNex 2010
Patricia Pernica
(Prof. M. Wells)
Physical &
Env. Science
Visit Physical Limnology Group of Prof. Sally 
MacIntyre at the Univ of California at Santa Barbara
Xianming Zhang
(Prof. F. Wania)
Chemistry High Resolution Gas Chromatography/Mass
Spectrometry (HRGC/MS) and Analysis of Segmented
Passive Air Samples, Japan