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2008 CGCS Graduate Awards - September 2008

Project Title 
Gimy Gamboa
(Prof. J. Halfar)
Chem. &
Physical Sci
Mg/Ca ratios in coralline red algae as temperature 
proxies for reconstructing Labrador current variability
Rodica Lindenmaier
(Prof. K. Strong)
Physics AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco
Jan Pisek
(Prof. J. Chen)
Geography MISR Science Team Mtg, Jet
Propulsion Labs, Pasadena, CA
Raluca Popescu
(Prof. J. Murphy)
Chemistry Visit Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Easter
Bush, Scotland
Murray Richardson
(Prof B Branfireun)
Geography High-Resolution Landscape Analysis to
support Regional Hydrological Modelling
in Boreal Watersheds
C. Shunthirasingham
(Prof. F. Wania)
Chemistry Fog Water Sampling for Pesticide
Analysis in a Tropical Cloud Forest
Rebecca Snell
(Prof. S. Cowling)
Geography International Biogeography Society, 4th
Biennial Conf, Merida, Mexico
Cora Young
(Prof. S. Mabury)
Chemistry Visit Prof. Veronica Vaida, Dept of Chemistry
University of Colorado