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2015 CGCS Graduate Awards - March 2015



Project Title 

Batstone, Rebecca

(Prof M Frederickson)

Dept of Eco & Evo. Biol.

Evolution 2015 Conference in Guaruja, Brazil

Daniel, Colin

(Prof M-J Fortin)

Dept of Eco & Evol. Biol.

Predicting the effects of climate change on the boreal forest:  An integrative modelling approach

Flood, Bryan

(Prof. M. Wells)

Phys. & Env. Sciences

Mixing and Dispersion in Flows Dominated by Rotation and Buoyancy

Godin, Paul

(Prof. K. Strong)


Intl Summer School SPEC-ATMOS, Frejus, France

Hrdina, Amy

(Prof J. Murphy)


Summer Course, Glasgow, UK


Jazi, Shahrzad

(Prof. M. Wells)

Phys. & Env. Sciences

Res Collab Univ. of Cambridge and Ecole Polytechnique, France

Lundsgaard-Nielsen, Vanessa

(Prof. T. Sage)

Dept of Eco. & Evol. Biol.

American Society of Plant Biologists in Minneapolis, MInnesota

Palermo, Christine

(Prof. M. Dittrich)

Phys. & Env. Sciences

2015 Aquatic Microbial and Molecular Ecology Course, Univ of Southern Denmark

Hesam, Salehipour

(Prof. R. Peltier)


ISSF Mtg, San Diego, CA

Sobol, Magdalena

(Prof. S. Finkelstein)

Earth Sciences

Visit Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit, Oxford Univ., UK

Stata, Matt

(Prof. R Sage)

Dept of Eco & Evo Biol.

Res Collab South Africa

Willis, Megan

(Prof. J. Abbatt)


2015 European Aerosol Conference and Aerosol Mass Spectrometer User’s Mtg.

Wong, Christopher

(Prof. I. Ensminger)

Biology, UTM

Mechanistic understanding of the relationship between leaf optical properties and photosynthesis in northern forests to improve sensed plant productivity estimates

Ye, Jianhuai (Jackie)

(Prof. A. Chan)

Chem Eng & Applied Chem

Effect of Preexisting Organic Aerosol on Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from α-pinene Ozonolysis

Zhao, Xiaoyi

(Prof. K. Strong)


Composition and profile retrievals from Pandora systems