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2008 CGCS Graduate Awards - February 2008

Project Title 
Cristen Adams
(Prof. K. Strong)
Physics Investigate the chemical composition of the
Arctic stratosphere and assess the importance
of bromine chemistry to the Arctic ozone budget
Carlos Avendano
(Prof. S. Cowling)
Geography Assistance to the 12th International Palynological
Congress (IPC-XII 2008) and the 8th International
Organization of Palaeobotany Conf (IOPC-VIII)
Feng Deng
(Prof. J. Chen)
 Geography Proposal for Training & Attending Meeting
in the Netherlands
Catherine Febria
(Prof. D. Williams)
Biological Sci Structure and function of dissolved organic
carbon and microbial communities in the
hyporheic zone of stream ecosystems
Tara Kahan
(Prof. J. Donaldson)
Chemistry Chemistry on ice surfaces: uptake of organic
pollutants to ice and subsequent
heterogeneous reactions
Rodica Lindenmaier
(Prof. K. Strong)
Physics  NDSCC-IRWG meeting at JPL,
Pasadena, California
Jane Liu
(Prof. D. Jones) 
Physics Visit and study with Dr. Mark G. Lawrence at
Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz, Germany
Maygan McGuire
(Prof. G. Evans)
   Chemical Eng. Visit to the U.S. EPA in Research Triangle
Park, North Carolina
Claire Oswald
(Prof  B Branfireun)
Geography Landscape and climatic controls on mercury
retention and release in Boreal upland soils
Jan Pisek
(Prof. J. Chen)
 Chemistry Visit Prof. Tiit Nilson at Tartu Observatory
Toravere, Estonia
Tiffany Shaw
(Prof. T. Shepherd)
Physics  Visit at the Leibniz Institute for Atmospheric
Physics in Kuhlungsborn, Germany
Anita Simic
(Prof. J. Chen)
Geography ESA EO Summer School on "Earth System 
Monitoring & Modelling, ESRIN, Frascati, Italy
Karen Smith
(Prof. P. Kushner)
Physics ISAC-CNR Summer School
Valle d'Aosta, Italy
Thomas Walker
(Prof. D. Jones)
Physics  ARC IONS/NATIVE research in
Yellowknife, NT
Fiona Wong
(Prof. T. Bidleman)
Chemistry  Air-Water Exchange of Hexachloro-
cyclohexanes in the Canadian Arctic