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2006 CGCS Graduate Awards

Project Title
Aisling Brady
(Prof. S.A. Cowling)
 Geography Marine Science Conference and Field
Research in Cuba
John Eliades
(Prof. A. Litherland)
 Isotrace Accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) -
Research visit to John England, U. Alberta
Xiaojuan (Yvonne) Feng
(Dr. Myrna Simpson)
 Geography Isotope analysis of soil organic matter
components - visit with Dr. Greg Slater,
McMaster University
Robert Field
(Prof. Kent Moore)
 Physics Ice core records from the St. Elias mountain
Research visit to U. Alaska, Fairbanks
Annemarie Fraser
(Prof. Kim Strong)
 Physics Measurements of the Vertical Distribution of
BrO at PEARL - travel to the Arctic
Research Station, Eureka
Ajit Govind
(Prof. Jing Chen)
 Geography Biogeochemical cycles (BGCs) - visit to
Oregon State U., Watershed Hydrology Lab
of Prof. Jeff McDonnell
Torsten Meyer
(Prof. Frank Wania)
Behaviour of organic chemicals during
snow melt - visit to U. Grenoble,
Glaciology Lab. of Dr. Florent Domine
Oliver Sonnentag
(Prof. Jing Chen)
   Geography Peatland hydrology and carbon cycle
analysis. Internship with Dr. Nigel Roulet
at McGill University
Dmitry Vyushin
(Prof. Paul Kushner)
    Physics Multidecadal to Centennial Global Climate
Variability - to attend workshop at U.
Hawaii for interaction with Prof. Axel