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Joseph R. Desloges

Professor, Department of Geography

My special interests are on the influence of climate change and human disturbance to river forms, glacier landscapes and general landform development in the northern hemisphere. Research has been conducted mainly in the mountain areas of Canada, Greenland, Iceland  and Norway but also in parts of southern Ontario  and Quebec. Work has concentrated principally on developing statistical models identifying the causes of variability in the transfer of sediment through small and large drainage basins over time scales ranging from several hundred to several thousand years. High magnitude flood events in undisturbed (natural) and disturbed (urbanized) environments are a major concern from the point of view of landform change and economic damage. Present and future research is devoted to constructing the magnitude and frequency of these events, understanding the processes which control landscape erosion and using sedimentary deposits to infer past climate changes.

The url of my homepage is: