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Nicholas Eyles

Professor, Department of Geology, University of Toronto

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Nick Eyles is a Professor of Geology at U of T Scarborough where he has been since 1981 and is a recognised international expert on glacial geology. His research interests lies in understanding Earth’s glacial record from 2.8 Ga when glaciers first appear in the stratigraphic record, to present. He has worked for many years at modern glaciers, in Quaternary glaciated terrains and throughout the pre-Quaternary geologic record from the Arctic to the Antarctic. He has long experience with documenting glacial processes and deposits, and is particularly interested in the relationship between tectonics and climate and how tectonics of sedimentary basins influences the depositional record of glaciation. Most of Earth’s pre-Quaternary glacial rocks are biased to marine basins in areas of active tectonics; for this reason he is interested in the Centre for Global Change at U of T and learning from geophysicists and climate modelers. Eyles also is involved in practical applied issues of glacial sedimentology such as the hydrogeology of glacial deposits and mineral exploration in glaciated terrains, including oil and gas in Paleozoic glacials of Australia and S. America. Public outreach is another area of interest and Eyles has published several best selling geology textbooks. Canada Rocks - 4 billion years of Geologic History co-authored with Andrew Miall, will appear in May 2007.