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Greg Evans

Director of the Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research
Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Toronto

Aerosol Chemistry and Urban Air Pollution

Aerosols play significant roles in relation to both urban air pollution and climate change. However, the influence of aerosols depends upon their chemical composition, which is highly variable. The relationships between their impact and composition, remains poorly understood.

Our research uses advanced methods of chemical analysis in order to understanding the chemistry, origins, environmental influence, and health impact of atmospheric aerosols. This research is being pursued through the facilities of made possible through Southern Ontario Centre for Atmospheric Aerosol Research (SOCAAR). SOCAAR is a recently established multidisciplinary centre that is bringing together medical and health researchers, atmospheric chemists and environmental engineers. The research goal of SOCAAR is to make key connections between emissions of pollutants and the quality and composition of urban air and its impacts on human health and the environment. Through SOCAAR, our research benefits from many of the newest instruments and technologies for research on air pollution. Specifically, SOCAAR offers facilities for field measurement of pollutants, for investigating the chemical transformation of aerosols, and for investigating human physiological response.

We are looking for students with a background in environmental engineering, chemistry or chemical engineering who are:

  • Concerned about the environment, and the tie between aerosols, air quality and climate change;
  • Comfortable with working with scientists from engineering, chemistry and medicine in academia and government;
  • Intellectually driven, with a strong sense of curiosity;
  • Interested in advanced instrumentation for chemical analysis, thermochemisty, or computational interpretation of large databases;
  • Happy to do fieldwork;
  • Strong communicators and motivated through teamwork;