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Jonathan Abbatt, CGCS Associate Director

Professor, Department of Chemistry

Abbatt image

Jon Abbatt’s research group studies particulate chemistry in both the lab and field. Laboratory studies are conducted to decipher the kinetics and mechanisms of chemical change that occur when gases interact with particles in the atmosphere, and to study the nature of cloud formation at the microscopic level. For the gas-particle chemistry, we have ongoing projects on organic aerosol modification, halogen release, and soot chemistry. On the cloud physics front, we are paying particular attention to the connection between particulate chemical composition and the ability of the particles to act as either cloud condensation nuclei or ice nuclei. In the field, we conduct process-oriented campaigns (in collaboration with Environment Canada and others at UofT) that enable us to connect the mechanistic studies done in the lab, in particular on aerosol aging and cloud formation, to the behavior demonstrated by ambient particles. In all these studies, the most state-of-the-art instrumentation, both homemade and commercial, is deployed.

This work is directly connected to climate change given the indications of extensive aerosol processing that occurs in the atmosphere, and the potential impacts that this chemistry may have upon the radiative and cloud-forming abilities of the particles.