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D. Dudley Williams

Professor, Dept. of Life Sciences, University of Toronto at Scarborough

Functional Ecology of Ground-Surface Water Systems

D.D. WilliamsMy graduate students and I work under a wide freshwater community ecology umbrella, with ongoing projects including: exploring the structure and function of communities living in temporary waters, through large-scale manipulation experiments; testing the River Continuum Concept, biogeographical affinities, and impact of humans in tropical waters.

Our research within the University of Toronto Centre for Global Change Science focuses on evaluating the resilience of surface and subsurface waters, their temperature-sensitive invertebrate/microbial communities, and biological processes, to an increase in ambient temperature. We undertake this via large-scale (ecosystem-level) manipulation experiments that have, for example, raised the temperature of shallow aquifers in Ontario by an amount (3-4.5˚C) predicted for this region should the amount of atmospheric CO2 double.

To learn more about our research, please visit the lab’s website: