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Nathan Basiliko

Assistant Professor, The University of Toronto at Mississauga Department of Geography Graduate Faculty Member at The University of Toronto, Department of Geography
Associate Graduate Faculty Member at the University of Toronto Centre for Environment

Terrestrial biogeochemistry and soil microbial ecology;
Climate and environmental change;
Forest and peatland ecosystem restoration and sustainabilityBasiliko image

Soil microorganisms play vital, yet poorly characterized roles in terrestrial ecosystems. My work explores the soil microbial role in northern wetland and forest biogeochemistry. In particular I focus on microbial responses to human-induced environmental changes that have consequences for greenhouse gas fluxes, nutrient and carbon dynamics, and ecosystem sustainability. Our understanding of soil microbiology relevant to larger-scale ecosystem dynamics has grown tremendously in the past 15 years. This is a result of the development and refinement of rapid molecular ecological techniques for studying complex soil microbial communities and a realization that understanding controls on microbial dynamics in terrestrial ecosystems is essential to understanding how the biosphere will respond to unprecedented climate and environmental change and natural resource management.

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